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Getting started on making Great American Power your energy supply company is as simple as making a phone call or entering a zip code on our Enroll page to find out more about the best utility rates available to you. Simply click on the link provided or call (866) 208-1502 to speak to one of our experienced professionals. We’ll help you decide if working with us is the best decision for you, so feel free to contact us at any time so we can get started. It’s time to take control of your energy costs. Let Great American Power help you make that possible today.

We believe in the power of healthy competitive markets that benefit consumers by providing great choices

We supply the same energy you currently receive, often at lower prices, with no interruption in service

We are here for your home, or your business. It’s your choice to make, and the time is now to start managing and securing your energy needs

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We are tremendously excited to have the opportunity to become your supplier of choice. In more and more states people have the freedom to choose their own supplier. Go to our Enroll page to get started!


Great American Power is approved and licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission, Maryland Public Service Commission, and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Check out our FAQs page for more!


If you have a question about your account, service, or our plans, please do not hesitate to contact us. Follow this link to our Contact page to find out how to get in touch, we look forward to answering your questions!


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