Great American Power – FAQs for Those Looking for a Utility Company Alternative

When you’re offering something as unique as what Great American Power offers our customers, there’s bound to be a lot of questions from people who are thinking of working with us. Are we a utility company? No. Are we an electricity company? In some ways we are. Are we an energy partner for you giving you choices for your energy needs? Absolutely yes! You can see the full answers to those questions below, but the bottom line is that people do not have time to remain fully up-to-date on their power costs. That’s where Great American Power comes in.

We help our customers plan ahead with regards to their energy costs. We help them understand how all of this works. In essence, we help consumers and businesses retake a large degree of control of their power needs from their utility company. As we’ve continued to help people as an electricity company working for them, we’ve also come to recognize several different common questions that people ask before they get started with us.

You’ll find examples of those questions below. We’re confident that you’ll find the answers you’re looking for right here on this page. However, if you have another question or questions that you don’t see below, we’d be happy to answer them for you. All you need to do is contact us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you move forward.

"EZ sign up & Great customer service. Liked the freedom to choose the electric plan that worked best for my family."

Do I have to let my utility know that I am switching?

No. We will send the service order directly to your utility.

What is energy deregulation?

Energy Deregulation is the process of opening markets to competition. Prior to deregulation you had no choice in who supplied your energy. Today, about half of the states have enacted some form of Energy Deregulation that gives consumers more freedom in selecting their energy supplier.

How do energy suppliers such as Great American Power fit into energy deregulation?

Great American Power is an energy supplier that buys energy on the open market and sells it to our customers. We incorporate savings and rewards delivering a new approach to the way you handle your energy costs. Your utility still handles the delivery to your home or business, and ensures the wires, pipes, and meters are functioning properly. Energy charges are separated on your consolidated bill from your utility to reflect Great American Power rates in conjunction with the utility delivery charges.

Is Great American Power a part of my electricity company?

No. Great American Power is a separate business entity arranging the supply of electricity for our customers, which is then delivered to you by your current local utility company.

Who delivers my electricity?

Your local utility will continue to deliver the energy to your home or business.

Who reads my meter?

Your local utility company will continue to read your meter and communicates this information to Great American Power. If you have questions relating to your meter read, please contact your local utility company.

What do I do if my power goes out?

Please call your local utility company. Your utility company is responsible for ensuring electricity and/or natural gas service is delivered to your home or business. A table of all utility numbers can be found here:

If I choose Great American Power, will the structure of my bill change?

Your local utility will continue to send you a bill. That bill will include the Great American Power charges as well as your local utility’s charges. You will still make a payment to your utility. You will see Great American Power’s name and contact information listed in the energy supply portion of your bill.

Will I have to notify my utility if I switch to Great American Power?

No. We make the switch as easy as possible. Once you have signed up with Great American Power, we take care of all of the paperwork and coordinate with your local utility to make the switch seamless to you. You will receive a notice from your utility confirming your selection of Great American Power as your electricity or natural gas supplier.

What stays the same if I choose Great American Power?

Everything stays the same except for your rate. You will continue to receive reliable service from your utility. Service equipment such as wires, meters, and transformers will remain exactly where they are. Modifications are not required because your energy is delivered through the same transmission and distribution system owned and operated by your local utility company. You will still receive one bill from your utility. Your bill will appear the same as it has in the past, and you will be able to pay your bill the same way you always have.

Will I be treated differently by my utility if I buy power from Great American Power?

Absolutely not. Your local utility company is bound by law to provide equal service to all of its customers regardless of your energy supplier.

I pay my utility bill online. Will this change if I switch to Great American Power?

If you signed up for online billing with your utility, then you should be able to continue to pay your utility bill online.

What information will I need to provide to switch to Great American Power?

The process can be completed in 5 easy steps:

  1. Provide your zip code
  2. Choose your utility company
  3. Review and select one of our pricing plans
  4. Provide billing information and utility account information as seen on your utility bill.
  5. Carefully review and accept the terms and conditions for your plan and you’re done!

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, we are required by law to keep your information confidential and we take this obligation very seriously. At Great American Power, customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

What happens once I switch to Great American Power?

As a new customer, we will provide you with a welcome package that details the terms and conditions of the rate plan you selected as well as contact information should you ever need to get in touch with us.

How long does it take for my Great American Power service to start?

If you are starting service at a new location, your service can begin as soon as your utility company processes the enrollment. This may take 1-2 billing cycles. If you are switching from another provider, your service with Great American Power will begin as soon as your utility company processes the enrollment. This may take 1-2 billing cycles.

How can Great American Power offer me lower prices than my utility?

Great American Power can provide pricing options that more closely reflect the current market therefore passing on savings to you.

How do I cancel?

You may cancel service at any time by calling our customer service team at (866) 208-1502.

What areas does Great American Power provide service?

We currently are licensed to offer electricity service in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio.

Does switching to Great American Power interrupt my service?

No. When switching to Great American Power, there will be no interruption of service. The switch will take place in conjunction with your regular meter reading schedule.

Do I have to let my utility know that I am switching?

No. We will send the service order directly to your utility.

What is the difference between a variable and a fixed rate?

A Variable Rate is established each month, based upon such factors as load ratio, energy market pricing, transmission costs, utility charges and other market price related factors. The monthly Rate may be higher or lower than the Utility price in any given month. The Variable Rate may change month to month depending on market conditions as described above. A Variable Rate does not come with a cancellation fee unless it is a Variable Rate with Cap Plan which is clearly outlined in our Terms and Conditions. We encourage all of our customers to carefully read their Terms and Conditions and call us if they are uncertain of any of our terms. A Fixed Rate is assigned to an individual account and will be fixed at the agreed upon price for selected length of time per the agreement. The price does not include Utility related charges or applicable taxes. Fixed Rate Plans come with an Early Termination Fee which is dependent upon the length of the term. We encourage all of our customers to carefully read their Terms and Conditions and call us if they are uncertain of any of our terms.

When will I see my lower rate with Great American Power on my electric bill?

You will see charges from Great American Power on your monthly bill after we have been serving your account for one full month. Depending on your utilitie’s processing of the switch order, your service should start with us either on your next meter read or the meter read after that.

What happens when my term is over?

If you are on a fixed plan, you will receive notice that your plan is expiring, and you will be provided with renewal options. If you are on a variable rate, your service with Great American Power is provided on a month-to-month basis and can be canceled at any time.

Do you have any other offers?

At this time, we offer both variable and fixed rate plans.

Is this a contract?

Yes. By agreeing to the terms of service for this offer you are entering into a legally-binding agreement for your electric generation and transmission service.

What if I move?

You will need to contact the utility to discontinue service and to establish service at your new location. You can call us and enroll your new location to continue your savings with Great American Power.

What if I change the name of my utility account?

As long as your account number for your utility company doesn’t change, there will be no impact on your Great American Power supply service.

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