Electricity Rates – When Is the Best Time to Sign With Great American Power?

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Jay Nault

Few people have the time to compare electricity rates between different utility companies or even between time periods on their own accounts. What consumers and businesses do understand fully is that electricity rates go up and down with regularity, although the change increments are anything but regular. There are times when electricity rates go up and others when they go down, and the events that lead to these changes are often either under or completely unreported to the public. Why? Because news regarding electricity rates doesn’t tend to invite clicks, subscriptions, listeners or viewers.

If you’ve decided to start comparing electricity rates because you’re tired of what you’re paying and/or you’re tired of paying something different and seemingly random every period, you’re far from alone. Great American Power has been helping people eliminate the confusion and uncertainty regarding their electricity rates for some time now. As such, we’d like to offer some ideas to consider as you think about what to do regarding energy delivery for your home and/or business.

Large Bills Prompt Action

One of the most common times we hear from people who want to compare electricity rates is when they receive a large bill for some reason. These consumers and businesses may not be aware of the events that can cause electricity rates to skyrocket.

Small Bills Prompt Inaction

It’s rare that we’ll hear from someone who wants to compare electricity rates because he or she has been enjoying low bills for several months. Everyone should understand that these rates are not going to remain in place.

Market History Is Relevant

In many ways, trying to evaluate your electricity rates is a lot like evaluating your current or even a prospective mortgage. The performance of the local market in recent times can be a good indicator – positive or negative – of what’s about to happen. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, many events that affect electricity rates do not get a lot of media attention.

No Decision Is a Decision

Whether you’re just looking to compare electricity rates, you’re tired of paying what you’re paying, or you’d like to continue paying what you’re paying with some degree of control, simply leaving the situation alone will lead to higher rates at some point sooner or later. Not to mention, those rate hikes will probably come as an unwelcome surprise.

Great American Power – The Best Time Is Now

Ultimately, and almost regardless of current market conditions or recent events, there is no bad time to sign up for service with Great American Power. We will help you determine if what you’re paying is proper, and we’ll help you lock in a rate that will provide you with the cost certainty you both need and deserve. All you need to do is contact us for more information. Of course, if you’d like to take a closer look at your options, click on our enroll page to find out more. We look forward to helping you take control of your electricity rates both now and into the foreseeable future.