Why We Directly Introduce You to Consumer Choice In Electricity

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Jay Nault

Our team at Great American Power works every day to make sure that as many consumers in the United States as possible have as much control as possible over their electricity costs. We used to be in the same situation as most other people in that we didn’t really think that much about our electricity. We didn’t really worry about where it came from, how it got to our offices or homes or even how much it cost. That’s because we knew we didn’t have much, if any, control over that whole process. We just signed up for the service and paid the bills when they arrived.

Several different developments around the country have helped to potentially change all of that for millions of people. The deregulation of electricity markets in several states has completely turned the tables for consumers who can now take control of their utility costs and add the much-needed aspect of cost certainty to their monthly bottom lines. That was never really possible prior to recent years, but it is now, and Great American Power is helping to deliver that capability to consumers. We’d like to explain below how we are doing that.

Direct Contact Is Necessary

Ask yourself a question: When is the last time you took 10 or 15 minutes to read about electricity so that you could learn more about how it’s delivered to you and what it costs? If you’re like most people, the answer to that is ‘never’ – that’s fine – it’s not exactly a riveting topic, even though electricity is vital to the daily lives of everyone. Without it, we would almost literally still be living in the Dark Ages. In terms of the lack of collective knowledge regarding this necessity, most of us are still there.

In order for businesses and consumers to understand how and why they have more choice and power now than ever before with regards to deregulated electricity markets, they need to obtain a basic understanding of how it all works. Our team of professionals at Great American Power realizes that getting people to read about it is somewhat unlikely, so instead we decided to talk directly to the consumers who can benefit from what we offer.

Those who have spoken with us will tell you that we don’t come at people with some type of high-pressure, in-your-face sales approach that leaves people feeling overwhelmed. We simply ask for a few minutes of people’s time so we can help them understand the options available to them and hopefully make an informed and wise decision regarding their power needs and options. A conversation saves everyone time, even though if we’re being totally open about things, it costs us more to handle things this way than if we simply sent out mailers.

You Can Contact Us As Well

If you’re intrigued by the possibility of taking control of the cost of your electricity, you don’t have to wait for us to stop by or give you a call. Instead, you can contact us simply by entering your zip code here to find out more about how we can help you.